Sephora Products (Must Haves and Must Nots)

Hi Everyone! Well, I now have a VIB Rouge Status at Sephora. This means I’ve spent $1000 or more at this store in the span of one calendar year. So, I guess you can say I have a lot of products and I have a bit of an addiction. Anyway, moving on, the point of this blog is to let you know, in my opinion, which products I have that are a must have, a product I regret buying, or something in the middle of all that jazz. Here we go!

  1. Smashbox Step-By-Step Contour Kit – This kit is OK so far. I don’t care for the brush at all as its bristles are all over the place and shed way too easily. The contour colors are nice. I personally will probably never use the darker color as I’m so fair, however, it would work lovely on someone with a little more color. The highlighter in this kit is a nice matte color, which is great on days I choose to go matte with my highlighter. I’m usually a shimmer kind of gal. But over all this product was ok, probably wouldn’t spend $52 on this again though.


2. Stila Got Inked Cushion Eye Liner AND Stila La Quill Precision Eye Liner Brush – I love this brush! This brush really gives you what it says it does. Precision. Love it. Must have. The eye liner on the other hand is ok. It dried out so quick as your applying It and loses its color a bit if you’re still trying to go over your liner to make your line thicker. This product is not a must have and its not a must not. It’s something in between. If your going to buy this product, use it for a thinner liner look rather than a more cat eye look.


3. Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed (Opal and Champagne Pop) – Love Love Love! I wouldn’t buy two though because honestly, these two colors are so much alike. But I love highlighters so I will always go the extra mile! This is a must have! It gives you the perfect glow if applied correctly. Only one thing that I have a little teensy problem with and that’s that there is a lot of shimmer to this product. I normally really don’t care for that much shimmer, but with this product, it works somehow. Who knew! Well folks, go out and buy this product because it is just plain awesome.


4. Benefit They’re Real Mascara, Push Up Liner and Remover – Mascara is a no no. I fell for all the hype about this product and decided to buy a sample size to try it out. Waste of money.. I don’t like the wand at all that comes with it either. For me, It was clumpy and the end of the wand would poke my eye a lot. Won’t buy it again. However, the push up liner is great! I will buy this again for sure. I like the way it applies and the product stays on all day and doesn’t budge. Must have. The remover was ok, I prefer something a little more gentle on the eyes though as I have sensitive skin. It does take your makeup off nicely though. So all together, mascara is a no, liner is a must and remover is a something in between.


5. Too Faced Most Loved Set – Ok, I’ll make this one simple and quick since there are more than a few products here. The Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara is a must have. Probably the best mascara I have ever used. I love the wand, I love how it doesn’t clump. I just love it. End of story. The Melted Liquid Lipstick came in the color Melted Fig. It’s considered to be a rosy orchid color. I love it, I love this lipstick and I’ve bought three more since buying this kit because I love them so much! They are long lasting and the color just looks absolutely beautiful once on. Highly recommend. Too Faced Bronzer in Chocolate Soleil. Love it, had the same one before and was the main reason I bought this kit. Perfect color, glides on beautifully and did I mention it smells like chocolate??! Why WOULDN’T you want something on your face that smells like chocolate! Ok, moving on.. Too Faced Shadow Insurance is alright. It does it’s job in not letting any shadow get into the crease over time, that I will give it. But my standards are far too high for lid concealer/primer. I use my mac pro longwear concealer as it has two functions instead of one. We will get into that in another blog though. Too Faced Replenishing Face Primer.. I can’t say I’ve actually used this yet. It did come with the kit and I plan on using it sometime in the near future. If you’ve used this product already I would love to hear your input and what you think about it. There! Simple and quick, right?


6. Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer – I’m not a huge primer user, but I had to get this because of all the hype! This is a nice product. Not a must have, not a must not. It’s just nice. It goes on smoothly, but as far as using my foundation with it and using it without it, not a huge enough difference for me to go out and buy it again. The less product I have on my face, the better. If it doesn’t make a difference anyway, right? I can’t speak for you normal skin types to dry skin types. I am oily so I like to use products the minimize my slightly larger pores. That’s just me though.


These are just a few of my products purchased recently and will be posting more as I have tons of favorite products and favorite new brands that I just discovered and completely fell in love with! If you have any holy grail products that you’d like to share with me that you just can’t live without, let me know and maybe I’ll just have to go back out and purchase a few more!

Makeup Geek Review

I went browsing the internet a few months back, spent an entire night looking for new inspiration, products to try and techniques. After looking for hours I came across Youtube beauty guru, Jaclyn Hill. She is beautiful, talented and knows her stuff. I came across a tutorial she did using only Makeup Geek eyeshadows. I figured I would order some of these products she spoke about and give them a try myself. Let me tell you, these products are AMAZING! I bought a handful of eyeshadow, four blush and a couple of the Z Palettes that are sold on the site. They were shipped to me pretty quickly (I believe I received them about a week later in Canada). I tried a couple looks using the neutral colors I picked out and fell in love!

The eyeshadow and blush are both so smooth, buttery and very forgiving if you make a mistake. I love the lighter, transition shades as well as the darker browns, reds and purplish colors. I have green eyes so I try to work with what I’ve got, but I’m sure all the colors are just as beautiful. I would’ve bought the store out if I could have, but I could only afford a palette at the time and plan to keep visiting her online store in the near future!

Below is a look I’ve created today with neutral colors. I’ll post the exact shades I used for this look and a link for the site, should you want to give them a try yourself! You will not regret!

Shades used for this look -Shimma Shimma -Peach Smoothie -Crème Brulee -Latte -Mocha

Shades used for this look
-Shimma Shimma
-Peach Smoothie
-Crème Brulee


My Makeup Geek Palette

My Makeup Geek Palette

Neutral Smoky Eye

Neutral Smoky Eye