Makeup Geek Review

I went browsing the internet a few months back, spent an entire night looking for new inspiration, products to try and techniques. After looking for hours I came across Youtube beauty guru, Jaclyn Hill. She is beautiful, talented and knows her stuff. I came across a tutorial she did using only Makeup Geek eyeshadows. I figured I would order some of these products she spoke about and give them a try myself. Let me tell you, these products are AMAZING! I bought a handful of eyeshadow, four blush and a couple of the Z Palettes that are sold on the site. They were shipped to me pretty quickly (I believe I received them about a week later in Canada). I tried a couple looks using the neutral colors I picked out and fell in love!

The eyeshadow and blush are both so smooth, buttery and very forgiving if you make a mistake. I love the lighter, transition shades as well as the darker browns, reds and purplish colors. I have green eyes so I try to work with what I’ve got, but I’m sure all the colors are just as beautiful. I would’ve bought the store out if I could have, but I could only afford a palette at the time and plan to keep visiting her online store in the near future!

Below is a look I’ve created today with neutral colors. I’ll post the exact shades I used for this look and a link for the site, should you want to give them a try yourself! You will not regret!

Shades used for this look -Shimma Shimma -Peach Smoothie -Crème Brulee -Latte -Mocha

Shades used for this look
-Shimma Shimma
-Peach Smoothie
-Crème Brulee


My Makeup Geek Palette

My Makeup Geek Palette

Neutral Smoky Eye

Neutral Smoky Eye


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